Noa Gur (b. 1980 Holon, Israel) currently resides and works in Berlin, Cologne and Tel Aviv.
Much of my body of work speaks of subverted perceptions, in particular of self-perception, as informed by the act of navigating between seeing and being seen. I aspire to draw parallels between Visibility and acknowledgement, primarily in the context of cultural and ethnic alienation. Hence, I often relate to the process of acquiring a particular civil identity as well as gaining the authorities’ legitimation, in an attempt linger on the moment in which the alien, becomes graspable and effectively returns its outlook on the viewer. I have increasingly engaged with the ways in which the art sphere and the display of visual culture can become entrenched in programs that instil political ideologies, and serve to affirm political narratives of collective identity. Directly or indirect artistic intervention in places of cultural and aesthetic authority have the potential to help to reconfigure the visible landscape.